This piece of writing entails nuts which one of the most common causes of food allergies and its types that cause allergic reactions.

Peanuts are widespread cause of allergic reactions pursued by Brazil nut, almond and then hazelnut. Common onset of symptoms of allergy can be detected between the ages two and seven. Multiple allergies typically appear at young age. The symptoms range from simple like angioedema on the face to life-threatening such as laryngeal oedema.

Peanut Allergy

One of the commonest food allergies is peanut allergy wherein it can cause fatal reactions to the allergy like anaphylaxis. This is why people who have peanut allergies are recommended, as much as possible, to have an automatic epinephrine injector handy at all times. Preventing a reaction needs firm averting of peanut and peanut-containing food products. Do not overlook labels so that you can be aware of the presence of any peanut ingredient. Peanut allergies usually accompany you for a lifetime. However, some children with such allergic reactions eventually outgrow their allergy.

Brazil Nut Allergy

Symptoms of Brazil nut allergy range from rigorous anaphylactic reactions to abdominal symptoms, asthma, headaches or eczema. Brazil nut allergy treatments typically include diet modification, antihistamines for allergic rhinitis and allergy-mediated skin problems, nasal sprays and topical steroids, eye drops for allergic conjunctivitis, asthma medications, oral steroids, desensitization and EpiPen, a device used to deliver adrenaline in cases of anaphylaxis.

Almond Allergy

A tree nut, almonds belong to the family of apples and strawberries. Various processed foods contain almonds in their ingredients like snacks, sweets, ice cream, baked goods, drinks, chewing gum and curry. Symptoms of almond allergy range from mild oral allergies like itching in the mouth and tongue to sever and life-threatening systemic reactions like anaphylactic shock. Rigorousness of the reaction depends upon the specific protein(s) in the almond that you are allergic to.

Hazelnut Allergy

Hazelnut is a common tree nut that typically causes allergic reactions. It can be found in various food products like cookies, pastries, cakes, ice cream, cereals as well as bread. Moreover, hazelnut oil processed less and at a lower temperature tends to be more allergenic than oil processed longer at a higher temperature.

Patients usually experience swelling, itching and burning sensations in the throat and mouth commonly known as the ďoral allergy syndromeĒ or ďfood-pollen allergyĒ. This reaction is due to the cross reaction between a tree pollen allergen like alder, birch or hazel pollen and the proteins in hazelnut. Moreover, certain people experience hives, angioedema (swelled lips and face), asthma or throat swelling, diarrhea, vomiting or anaphylactic shock.

Hazelnut allergy is actually one of the most common nut allergies with symptoms that include the usual mild to severe food allergic reactions and may happen in an hour or two prior to consumption of hazelnuts of any hazelnut-containing food. Presently, there is no known cure for this type of nut allergy. The only thing you can do is to manage your allergic reactions by avoiding hazelnuts and being prepared in cases of emergency.