Look closely at those flabby body parts and a spare tire ever growing like never before? Take heart. What you should more concentrate on is what kind of personality you have. Obviously by saying so we cannot deny that appearance does not matter, as this can be easily observable; what dominates today’s culture is the way look. No matter how tiny or large you could be, someone would always make a sneering remark unless you are truly comfortable in your skin to be able to throw someone off balance with a biting remark. A keen sense of observation and logical thinking ability coupled with a number of talents and so much more are what should be defining qualities, but, for women, less so for some men, looks matter until they disappear under the veneer of years and wrinkles. In fact looks matter the most until you come across the prince and later to keep him at your side, men are less bothered with the way they look, though a hinge of jealousy and envy of their younger counterparts will always be present. Those alpha males take good care of the body, those plumpier with tendencies towards glutonizing with have serious difficulty shedding those layers of flabby flesh as if in a lost battle against aging and genetics. Indeed with genetics it is like you either come to accept it or keep fighting it until you die or at least age. But the problem is also some people are going to age quite well whilst others would take a direct hit and emerge during the old ripe age as if disfigured by time. Whoever has the spirit and kindness in their eyes and soul pays no attention to what they know matters only and while you are yet a teen and a young woman looks serve their function which is simply to attract a male. Female attractiveness will matter as long as you keep searching for a male and then you might forget that you are a woman first and foremost. Perhaps others will not let you forget that at any step until you vanish into thin air no matter how polished you are. Once the veneer is scraped and the true colors shine or are totally dimmed or non existent you begin to see the difference. Take a hike through the town and look for that radiant quality that can only be present in their eyes and body language as a whole no matter what those and other people take pride in, be it their youthful appearance or a great haircut after all those years of botched barber jobs, in the end the true character will speak for itself. So why worry about those extra kilograms even if that means having to introduce a change to your wardrobe. Be mindful of the present and not the details that poison your life rife with worry over the minutiae.

Take Care but Do Not Overdo It

Being a fashion victim can be best left to TV kitchen celebs and the life, but when pressed by the media imagery of long legged blondes, do not just give in. Worried you would be an unbearable sight to someone’s eyes while soaking up the sun? Show some character first. That is where your strength lies and nothing else. But if you are tired with that kind of blah blah idle pep talk, look into those tips.

  • Self Esteem and Self Value
  • Life beliefs
  • Intelligence
  • Sense of humor
  • Persistence
  • And many many more

Who cares if you are a fat, unless that threatens your health to a large degree, if you are not present with your core personality, you could be as well be non existent. Go through the following hints that could help you lose your weigth if, after all, you are at loss and hate the bum or miss a six -pack.

  • Try cardio, but be gentle and stay supervised
  • Do less and do not overdo it
  • Become a sports fan
  • Come to love your body
  • Be satisfied with slow progress
  • Push yourself at times only if you feel like it
  • Observe yourself and reward your efforts
  • Remain upbeat instead of desperate