In order to lose weight it is vital that you should engage in exercise and diet at the same time. That formula is the way to really getting rid of any unwanted fat from the body. Doing one without the other might work but it would be an uphill struggle and it could take longer.

Exercise is needed to burn off the extra weight that you already have. It would target the fat that has been deposited in your body. Diet on the other hand is instrumental in preventing your body from gaining more weight. You would see how these two methods can work together. You can do all the exercise that you want but if you don’t discipline yourself with what you eat then you are still bound to gain weight. In the same weight if you just undergo some diet without working out, the extra fat would remain.

More Than Just Exercise and Diet

But research has shown that more than just exercise and diet would be needed by those who would need to lose a lot of weight. It seems that for those who would have 50 to 100 pounds of unwanted weight in their body, the usual methods are not going to be enough. They require more drastic steps. The research has revealed that the extra weight causes some changes on the body of people which makes it extra hard for them to get rid of the extra weight that they carrying.

The problem is that people with too much extra weight tend to regain what they lose rather quickly. So even if they drop down their weight after some effort they are bound to gain it back.

The Body is Fighting

Researchers have discovered that the body itself is the main problem. The body of those who are extremely overweight, or those who are obese, undergo certain changes in their hormones. The body sends out signals that slows down the secretion of hormones and increases the urge to eat even more. That would both discourage any effort to lose weight.

Not a Hopeless Fight

But don’t think that it is a hopeless fight. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then you should still try to work on getting rid of it. What the study is telling is that weight loss would come at a price. It would be extremely hard to lose weight through diet and exercise and prevent your body from regaining that lost fat. You have to fight the urge and be ready to do the extra work needed. You have to be ready for that. Once you are done with the first year of losing weight and if you manage to stick to it then you are bound to stay that way.

Keep in mind too that the kind of exercise and diet that you use is going to play a crucial role. You should pick ones that are scientific and have proven to be effective in delivering results.