Throughout the years, the issue of women’s bra and panty sets had been greatly controversial and had been the subject of many heated debates. Wearing a bra, for instance, has been seen as a mere fact of life, with women just accepting that they have to wear it especially when they are out in public because that is what society deems to be ‘acceptable’.

A brief look at history suggests that the use of lingerie, particularly bras, had experienced its own evolution, and was used mainly for the purpose of suppressing or accentuating the breasts and the woman’s figure. Some feminists, however, once used this as a form of protest and as a symbol of discrimination against women, which ended with them throwing away their bras in a huge drum (which was supposed to be burned) as a symbol of their freedom from society’s dictates. Is that really what it is?

Looking Back

The use of bra and panty sets had been learned to date to as far back as 3000 BC. The modern day bra is said to be developed from Cretan women who wore hip corsets, which is a garment worn to shape the torso, usually for aesthetic purposes. In the medieval period, a corset was used to accentuate and raise the woman’s breasts while hiding the stomach and hips, thereby manipulating the woman’s shape. Over the centuries, and with the beginning of the 20th century, alternatives were made to the corset, and the bra has been patented and eventually gained prominence in the later years.

The Underpants

Underpants were seen as an effective and necessary tool especially during a woman’s menstrual period. Panties first came to existence during the French Revolution, when Catherine de Medici came up with the idea of hiding her glory while riding a horse. Both bra and panty sets had various designs and is now used as a fashion garment, with key signature labels creating their own line.

Women And Lingerie

The reality is that women wear lingerie to protect themselves and their bodies. Women bestowed with heavy breasts bras use it to support their breasts and to avoid feeling pain and discomfort. Those with smaller breasts, on the other hand, use it also for protection. There is also the tendency for a woman’s breasts to attract attention from a crowd if she is seen in public displaying her jewels, and this is not a comfortable situation to be in.

From shaping the body, to freedom, to a fashion statement one cannot argue the fact that bra and panty sets are indeed essential parts of a woman’s life. Basically, these are tools that protect women from harm, not only from diseases or infections that may be taken from the environment, but also from the harm of being harassed on the streets by leaving little to the imagination. Be it as a need, or out of habit, or to entice your partner, there is no doubt that bra and panty sets are a must have for every women out there.