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Atticus Finch

Harper Lee wrote one of the great classics of American literature “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The characters in the book have endeared themselves to generations of American readers. It won a Pulitzer Prize and became a standard reading for many schools. The Legend of Atticus Finch The novel is written from the point of view […] Read More

Stress Management Tips

Less stress in our everyday lives is certainly more than a little ideal for us. Of course we’d all love to have to deal with no stress at all, but to even just reduce the amount that we have to deal with will be such a blessing indeed. So even though stress is a part […] Read More

Become A Perfect Woman

Or not. Although the media frenzy sets that the model of perfection for virtually everyone, the age of the most affected females fall somewhere between adolescence (obviously) and old ripe age for some. It is becoming increasingly harder to match the criteria which are to a large degree internalized since early age. In fact, it […] Read More

Will Eisner: Creator of the Spirit and Graphic Novel Pioneer

Will Eisner is one of the giants of the comic book industry. His name inspires awe for his accomplishments and admiration for his incredible body of work. To refer to Will Eisner as an icon in the field of comic books is probably as accurate a description as you could have of anyone who’s ever […] Read More

How to Lose Weight in Some Easy Steps without Losing Your Head

Look closely at those flabby body parts and a spare tire ever growing like never before? Take heart. What you should more concentrate on is what kind of personality you have. Obviously by saying so we cannot deny that appearance does not matter, as this can be easily observable; what dominates today’s culture is the […] Read More

Jack Kirby: The King of Comics

Jack Kirby is the one and only king of comics. There is no one else and even though he is no longer here, his creations and his incredible body of work remain behind to not only entertain and continue to enthrall but remind us of how great he is. The work that he has produced […] Read More

Oscar Robertson: Basketball’s Triple Double Machine

Oscar Robertson is considered to be one of the greatest players ever to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Big O, as he has come to be known, was certainly one of the most dominant players ever to pick up a basketball. He was certainly dominant statistically, being the only NBA player in […] Read More

Steve Ditko: Comic Book Genius and Mystery Man

Steve Ditko is one of the true legends of the comic book business. It is an absolute fact that is known to both comic fans and professionals, and it has also been common knowledge for decades now. His entire body of work is unquestionably impressive, although he is pretty much known for being the co-creator […] Read More

The Problem with Loneliness Coping with It

Humans are social beings and we always feel the need to be connected. Even those who seem to be antisocial are for the most part still connected with fellow humans in some ways. We can never completely get rid of our need to reconnect with others. That’s why people who find themselves alone and isolated […] Read More

How to Handle Criticism

If you do not want to face any criticism then the only thing that you have to do is not do anything. You can just sit still and do nothing, say nothing and think of nothing. Surely, no one would be able to criticize you for that. If you want to move ahead and you […] Read More