The glucose levels in your blood increases whenever you consume sugar which in turn makes your pancreas do hormonal secretions which signal your system to stock up fat. This hormone is called insulin. Therefore, more intake of sugar means higher glucose levels in your blood. Consequently, there will be an increase in the release of insulin, thus your body stores fat longer.

Consumption of concentrated sugar, especially refined, in huge amounts drastically amps up your blood sugar level as well as insulin level. Accordingly, your diabetes, chronic illnesses and cardiovascular diseases risks are increased.

Aside from the fact that it is addictive and has low nutritional value, calories from sugar are easily stored as fat in your body especially if its consumption is not controlled. However, natural sugar-containing food like fruits are highly nutritious, has high nutrient density and fiber and has little glycemic load.

So instead of using refined and processed sugar like the high-fructose corn syrup and sucrose or table sugar, choose natural sweeteners such as stevia, honey or you can just go sugar-free.


Some carbohydrates are bad for you including gluten which is common in grains like wheat and avoiding it can help you lose those extra pounds. Gluten is inflammatory and constipating which consequently directs to gaining weight and health problems.

So instead of eating gluten-rich food like bread (together with whole wheat), pizza, pasta, cakes, cookies, pancakes and doughnuts, try equally delicious but more nutritious alternatives like quinoa, brown rice, organic corn, millet and other gluten-free grains. Also, do not overlook the labels so you can avoid gluten/wheat.

Fruit Juices And Sodas

Fruits are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins that are definitely good for your body. However, when these fruits are processed and the sugar they contain becomes concentrated, the levels of this sugar become high and unhealthy.

When it comes to juices, vegetable juice is definitely a better option than fruit juice. Also, don’t forget to take in lots of water to prevent piling up the calorie contents of the beverages you take in. Restricting your sugary beverages like fruit juices and sodas is like avoiding drinking your calories and perhaps be even of greater importance than limiting your intake of solid foods.

So better start avoiding those cans of Coke, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, etc and start piling up on vegetable juice, distilled water and unsweetened herbal drinks like teas.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweetener has been controversial ever since its invention. They provide that sugary sweetness minus the calories. Their safety, however, has long been in question even though these artificial sweeteners do not increase your blood glucose level. Hence, just to make sure, opt for stevia, raw honey and other natural sweeteners or just go sugar-free.

Deep-fried Foods

Foods that are deeply fried in oil are delicious but definitely unhealthy because such foods are high in calories and fats aside from the fact that deep frying take off the nutrients of the food. Moreover, partially hydrogenated cooking oils are not good for your health because of their trans fat contents.

Hence, avoiding French fries, onion rings, potato fries, and breaded chicken and fried fish would be a good thing and replacing them with pan fried food, grilled food, salads and stir fries would be better.

At the end of the day, balance is still the most important thing. For most people with a healthy lifestyle, a sweet bite or deep fried pleasures won’t end the world; but, overdoing on this food may hinder your efforts of losing those extra pounds. So be watchful and aware of what you eat and minimize the intake of these certain kinds of food.